Neon D-Fence: A Second Chance?

Well I honestly didn't think that I'd be able to say what I'm posting here now. . . but I've been remaking Neon D-Fence! last year I was messing around in Windows 7 and it decided to delete my project folder, so I lost Neon D-Fence. . . That being said a small stroke of luck I shared an older version with someone that helped me fix some performance issues I was having before. He kept the project files in his dropbox which I randomly went back and grabbed about a week ago!! 

since that point I have been remaking the gameplay machanics for a completely different experiance! I have added a visual draw call for showing you the range of the towers, an upgrade menu for changing the damage, shoot speed, health, etc. The enemies now move along a point path system that I made myself vs using the built in godot path curve setup. There's still a lot left to do like save files, settings, trophies, artwork, and a few other things, but I feel like the next version will be a major change.

so keep an eye out for future updates, depending on how much time it takes me to finish the first level of gameplay it could take me a while, or it could be sooner then I expect. No date release as of this post as it's too early to say

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A quick test for enemy path following based on position points vs AnimationPlayer positions

The new setup used to create levels for Neon D-Fence v2.1.0

162 days later I might be getting back to it again, stuff keeps getting in my way of updating Neon D-Fence but when I finally do release a new update it's gonna epic ;)